Nieuwsbrief Annie december 2013

Dear friends,
Joy to the world the Lord has come, that was 2000 years ago. Joy has not stopped flowing for all who have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The very reason we have Christmas. We wish each one of you a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
The last year has been an amazing year, the most difficult year in our 15 years at Kondanani. But with the right attitude we learned more than ever before, and got through it victoriously. Who wants to be a looser anyway.
The biggest problem was shortage of missionaries or the wrong missionaries. All that is going to change in the New Year. We are getting 5 new missionaries, a man and women called of God.
We have also had 5 volunteers in the last few months who have been an amazing blessing to us. The last one is leaving today and it always leaves a gap, we just feel a bit sad because there is a relationship that has been build.
The children have all been healthy, it continues to amaze us how little sickness we have with so many children. We don’t even have malaria.
There has been so much happening in the last few month. Another kilometer of electric fence was erected around the rest of our property. We now have a great recreation area around the big dam, where we have build barbeque and a fire pit, we are going to start with building a club house in January.
We put up the big tent and some of the children have already camped there and had their barbeque. It is also a great area for treasure hunting there is lots of forest. I have called the area “El Paradiso”.
We have had our children's Christmas party which was such a joy. They were all so pleased with their presents and since we were so blessed with finances for the party and presents it was extra special. The time that they all still believed in a real father Christmas is over, now they were guessing who was fulfilling his role.
We had a party with all the stars of “Searching for a star” (Like Idols) or (Britain has talent). The hotel chain who organized it then invited 32 of our children to one of the performances as guests of honour, two of our girls sang too. There was a barbeque at the hotel before hand and our children were truly treated like royalty. We made sure they looked like royals too.
Ten of the children had their horse dressage competition and tests. Makes us so proud to watch them, some of them are quite accomplished horse men and women.
The nursery school has had their graduation party and new children are going to big school, they were so proud when their uniforms were handed to them as part of the graduation ceremony.
We were blessed to be a blessing and as a result of that we have been able to drill a borehole for the villager in our village which is called William 2. The wells they used where on our property and with the erection of the fence they would have been without water. Besides that the wells had dirty water and water is life. We had a big party at the unveiling of the borehole, we slaughtered a cow, it was a feast.
On every occasion TV Malawi was present and we have hid the screen quite a bit lately.
I would like to encourage you to look at facebook, there is a lot of information on a regular basis and photos galore of the various activities. Look at Annie Chikhwaza and there is a page for Kondanani.
My biography has also been launched in April this year and many books have been sold all over the world. The book is called “Mother of Malawi” and is available in most Christian book shops in the UK, RSA and Australia. You can order on The proceed are for Kondanani.
With love in Him the Saviour who was born on Christmas,
Annie Chikhwaza, Cherie Martin and the blessings (our children)

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